Abicor Binzel Middle East FZE

P.O. Box 86026, Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone, ,United Arab Emirates

Activities Summary

The Specialist for Welding and Cutting Torch Technology and Innovative Welding Accessories that Enhance Welding Workmanship and Effectiveness. We have a Complete Product of Air and Water Cooled MIG, TIG, and Robotic Welding Torches Suitable for any Welding Application. All of our Torches are ISO-9000 Certified to Ensure the Absolute Highest Standards of Quality and Reliability.

MIG/MAG Torches

  • Welding Torch MB EVO PRO
  • Welding Torch MB EVO
  • Welding Torch MB GRIP
  • Welding Torch MB ERGO
  • Welding Torch Push-Pull Plus
  • Fume Extraction Torch RAB GRIP
  • Welding Torch ABIMIG® A T LW
  • Welding Torch ABIMIG® A LW
  • Welding Torch ABIMIG® W T
  • Welding Torch ABIMIG® W
  • Welding Torch ABIMIG® GRIP A
  • Welding Torch ABIMIG® GRIP W
  • Flux-Cored Inner Shield Welding Torch
  • Central Plug System



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Mr. Mustafa Faizullabhoy : General Manager

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