Al-Estagamah Global Group Co. Ltd.

P.O. Box 9236, Dammam 31413, ,Saudi Arabia
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Activities Summary

Agents for TRANSWORLD Garnet, OMGRIT Copper Slag Abrasives, Coal Slag, Steel Abrasives, Aluminium Oxide, Specialized Coatings - Rust Bullet, Dampney. 

Chemicals & Chemical Products 
Agents for Brand:- ARDROX for NDT, Aircraft Cleaning & Maintenance, Turbine Cleaning & Maintenance, ANTOX for Pickling, GARDO for Surface Treatment, OAKITE for Pipe Cleaning & Industrial Cleaning. 

Hydraulic Hoses & Equipment 
All Types of Hoses ( PARKER Polyflex High Pressure Jetting, Baggerman, Aflex Teflon Hoses, DANTEC Composite & All Industrial - Hydraulic ) Assembling Testing & Certification of Hoses, IMR Facility of TECHNIP COFLEXIP, Mobile On-site Maintenance Facility. Agents & Stockists for OPW Loading Arms & Couples. 

ISO 17025, Calibration Laboratories with IS, NIST & UKAS, Standards. Best in Clean Accuracy & On-site Calibrartion. 

Oilfield Equipment
Agents for AMERICAN BLOCK, DRILLING PARTS & SPARES, EMERSON-TESCOM, Torque Tools-TORCUP:- Mechanix Wear Gloves, Electrical, EATON Airflex Brakes / Clutches, Recertification & Calibration. 

Botling & Torque Tools - TORCUP, POWERMASTER - Boiler & Heat Exchanger Tools.


+966-13-8341621 / 8341193

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Joji Cherian : General Manager

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