Horizontal Openwell Submersible Pumps LH - Series


C.R.I.'s Horizontal Open Well Submersible Pumps are Ideally Suitable for Open Wells where there is a Wide Fluctuation in Water Level. This Works Under Water and it Rest at The bottom of the Well. Pump Portion is of Single Stage (Horizontal Pump) & Single or Multi Stage (Vertical Pump) and Fitted with Cast Iron Casing and Impeller. Pump Volute Chamber is Designed to give the Best Possible Hydraulic Efficiency. Dynamically Balanced Impeller Offer Vibration Free Operation with Long Life.Prime Mover is Eco Friendly Wet Wound Type Water Filled Rewind able. The Stator Windings are of Water Proof Synthetic Film Insulated Copper Winding Wires. It Features Water Lubricated Thrust and Journal Bearing. Motor is Pre Filled with Clear, Cold, Pure, Fresh and Filtered Water.

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