Dynamic Oil Tools

3 (MONDON), Sector II, Block 7, Dammam Industrial City, Dammam ,Saudi Arabia

Activities Summary

Dynamic Oil Tools (DOT) is a High-end Machining and Manufacturing Facility for Multiple Oil & Gas Downhole Equipment that is Either Licensed Through International Manufacturers or Owned and Patented by DOT. DOT Acts as a Machining and Repair Arm for Regional Oil and Gas Services and Operating Companies.

Portfolio / Offering:

  • Support O&G Service Co's in Design, Engineering & Mfg. Downhole Completion & Surface Eqpt
  • Wire-wrapped Screen
  • ICD, AICV and Liner Hanger
  • Float Equipment and Packers
  • Skids and Related Fabrication Work
  • All Associated Machining and Welding Process
  • Drilling Equipment Maintenance and Refurbishing
  • Cut and Rethread Connections and Adaptors
  • NDT and DT Mechanical Laboratory Testing




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