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Tapping the Vast
Potential of QR Code

QR Codes are Propelling and Enabling Innovation in Bringing Company Information to the Fingertips of your Customer Base. Bring the Spotlight on your Product / Services, Online, with the Power of QR Code.

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Create Dynamic &
Custom Designed QR Codes
with Multi-media Content

The Dynamic QR Code gives you the Ability to Assign a Single QR Code to an Ever-changing Products & Services List.

Customize your QR Code with different Colour and by Adding your Company Logo or Image.

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can Use
QR Codes?

• Restaurants
• Hospitality & Tourism
• Government Organizations (Especially for Sharing Forms & Applications)
• Department Stores (Promotions & Offers)
• Products & Services Catalogue (for All Industries)

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Pragmatically every Organization can make use of QR Codes effectively in Conducting Business and Track the Reach of Dynamics QR Codes. During this Pandemic Situation QR Code can be Effectively used to Encourage and Practice Social Distancing while Conduting Day-to-day Business Activities.

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IPSCASIA.COM, Asia’s evolving online portal, provides you real-time access to information on Products and Services for varied business segments; Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Marine & Manufacturing. This portal “IPSCATALOGUE.COM”, was initially presented as an offshoot website catering mainly for the advertisers of Industrial Products & Services Catalogue (IPSC). The catalogue was introduced by Headlines Advertising LLC to the markets in the Gulf and India regions about two decades back; 19 years in the Gulf and 12 years in India. The richness in the information, the ease of finding a particular product / service and the breadth of clientele made the catalogue an instant hit with our users. In July 2011 IPSCATALOGUE.COM was converted into an Online Business Directory portal WWW.IPSCASIA.COM enabling our clients as well as new users to register them online. The unique parenthood and the fact that the catalogue has participated in innumerable International trade shows and exhibitions positions us as Asia’s online portal which helps businesses to reach out to a wider audience for promoting their products internationally. Our purpose is to put together product / services information with the support of technology and enable organizations to constantly evolve their sourcing and customer support models to accommodate the ever-changing landscape.

Any portal stakes its credibility from the accuracy of the data that has been furnished. Our data is mined and continuously updated by a team of qualified professionals with a quantitative and qualitative focus. The best way to experience the reach and benefits of the portal in accelerating your business would be for you to get registered with our site. As a member of IPSCASIA, you can increase your outreach and online visibility to be found by prospective customers of your products / services, not just that your IPSCASIA listing is the centre of your online account as it couples with content and targeted promotions enabling customers choose your business over your competitors. At IPSCASIA, we offer a comprehensive marketplace with a variety of Manufacturers, Suppliers and access to daily buyer enquiries anytime!!!, anywhere!!!.

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