Alimak USA (Texas)

12552 Galveston Road, Ste. A-160, 77598 Webster, Texas ,USA

Activities Summary

Alimak Is a Global Leader and Pioneer in the Design and Manufacture of Vertical Access Solutions for the Industrial and Construction Industries. The Company Provides Permanent and Temporary High Quality Construction Elevators, Construction Hoists and Work Platforms Built on Rack and Pinion and Traction Technologies.

Industrial Elevators
Rack-and-pinion and Traction Type Elevators for Tough Environments

Construction Hoists
Construction Hoists for Efficient Logistics

Transport Platforms
Transport Platforms for Passengers, Heavy and Bulky Loads

Material Hoists
Material Hoists for Heavy and Bulky Loads

Mast Climbing Work Platforms
Mast Climbing Work Platforms for Efficient Façade Work


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