Capital Engineers & Industries Pte Ltd (CEI)

12 Third Lok Yang Road, Singapore 628007 ,Singapore

Activities Summary

A Quality One-stop Fabrication Services Provider.

Products & Services

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • We Mfr. a Broad Spectrum of Sheet Metal Products Ranging from Simple Brackets to Complex Electronic Enclosures.
  • Brazing/Welding Joining Services
    • Experienced Team of Brazing & Welding Operators That Can Join Whatever Types of Materials.
  • Thermal Spray / Powder Coating Services
    • Thermal Spraying for Corrosion Protection to Ferrous Metals or to Change the Surface Properties of the Sprayed Items.
    • Our Powder Coating Facilities Is Capable of Coating Any Type of Color Epoxy Powder.
  • Refrigeration Components Manufacturing
    • Production of the Various Sub-systems of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Products.

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