Dual-Duro Piston

Dual-Duro Piston

Dual-Duro Piston


Southwest’s Dual-Duro® piston has provided unmatched performance in extreme drilling conditions since 1985.

Made of Dual-Durometer Polyurethane, this triplex pump piston is designed to resist extrusion which ultimately extends the life of the piston. Drilling operators worldwide trust the superior performance and unmatched durability of the Dual-Duro® piston.

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Product Specification:


  • Proven Performance
  • Made of Dual-Durometer Polyurethane
  • Unmatched Performance under Demanding Drilling Conditions
  • Piston is Designed to Resist Extrusion

Key Benefits

  • Excellent Liner Wear Characteristics
  • Maximum Working Temperature up to 180°F
  • High Resistance to Chemical Breakdown, Tearing and Abrasion
  • Recommended for use in Oil-based Drilling Mud
  • Used for Low Pressure Application upto 5000 psi

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