Labin Gas Flow Monitors

Labin Gas Flow Monitors

Labin Gas Flow Monitors


The Digital Gas Flow Meter is Based on the Classical Method viz. Soap Film Method. The Instrument is Automated by Using Micro Controller, which Provides Highly Accurate Measurement and Direct Digital Readout of Gas Flow Rate. The Tine Required for the Soap Film to Pass Through a Fixed Known Volume is Measured. The Soap Film is Sensed by IR Sensors. When the Soap Film Passes Through First Sensor, It Activates the Timer of Micro Controller. Timer is Stopped When the Film Crosses the Second Sensor. The Flow Rate is then Calculated by Micro Controller and Instantly Displayed in cc/min.

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Product Specification:


  • Portable
  • Direct Digital Readout
  • Micro Controller based
  • Highly accurate and fast
  • Useful for measuring of Gas Flow Rate specially for GC & analytical Instruments
  • Easy to operate

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