Rotary Slips or Drill Pipe Slips

Rotary Slips / Drill Pipe Slips

Rotary Slips / Drill Pipe Slips


Janiki Oil Tools (JOT) manufactures Rotary Slips or Drill Pipe Slips. in wedged shape and designed in three body segments that are hinged together, forming a near circle around the Drill Pipe, to provide maximum handling capacity, high strength with minimum weight to ease the handling.

The JOT design provides for full distribution of load throughout the length of the slips which helps in preventing damage of Drill Pipes. The Inserts are changed at Rig sites in a very short time by simply removing the locking arrangement and retainers. Rotary Slips are also available with flexible handles (on demand).

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Product Specification:

Tubular size 2-3/8"to 7" to be used in API Insert Bowl No 3 having an API taper of 4 inch per feet on the diameter. 

Having various gripping length i.e. Short, Medium & Long, having elastromer gripes on handles. 

Suitable to 100 Tons to 250 Tons Load capacity.

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