Roughness Tester

Roughness Tester

Roughness Tester


Roughness tester is designed with the purpose to check the roughness of the surface. Roughness is the most important parameter to find out whether the surface is suitable for a particular purpose. A rough surface usually leads to corrosion and cracks. This tester is used to accurately determine the surface texture of a material. It also displays the results in micrometers and micron. India Tools & Instruments Co. is the leading Roughness Tester Manufacturers, we are well known for our quality and cost efficient products.

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Product Specification:

Our range of Surface Roughness Tester and Roughness Tester Machine is known for its high performance, unique design, and easy installation. The demand for this product is high in the industrial sector. Being the best manufacturers of Digital Roughness Tester, we offer laboratory-tested products to deliver the best quality, and to maintain the benchmark of our company. Our roughness testers are portable and easy to install.

Features of Roughness Tester

  • Tested product
  • Shows accurate results
  • Cost-effective instrument
  • Portable design and simple installation
  • Digital measuring

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