Studded Fin Tube

Studded Fin Tube

Studded Fin Tube


Manufacturers of Studded Fin Tube
The STUDDED Fin Tube is manufactured by Resistance Welding of Studs on the Bare tubes.

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Product Specification:

Manufacturing Process :- Electric Resistance Welding
Fin To Tube Bond :- Excellent
Heat Transfer Efficiency :- Excellent
Mechanical Resistance: – Excellent (Hence can be frequently cleaned with high pressure jets unlike other fin tubes. Thereby reducing down time and increasing overall life)
Corrosion Protection: – Gives excellent corrosion protection to the base tube since it entirely covers the base tube (except bare ends).
Temperature Range :- Depending on Properties of material of Fin(Stud ) and Pipe
Base Tube Material : Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel , Alloy Steel, Titanium , Copper, Duplex Stainless Steel, Inconel etc. (all material in the theoretical limit )
Base Tube Outside Diameter : 60 mm to 200 mm
Base Tube Thickness : 3 mm to 12.70mm Above
Base Tube Length : 2000 mm Min To 15000 mm
Stud Material : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Alloy Steel
Stud Thickness : 6mm to 16mm
Stud Density : 15.88mm or 63 Studs Per Plane Per Metre ( Can Be Customized to Clients Requirements)
Stud Height : 12.7mm to 63.5mm
Bare Ends : As per Client Requirement





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