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Top Drive Cementing Head

Top Drive Cementing Head


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Top Drive Cementing Head having 4-1/2” I.F. Box up and Pin down connections for 15,000 PSI Cementing Line and Tensile Strength of 400 Ton. The integral body of Cementing Head removed all internal connection and easy to use. Top Drive Cementing Head comprises with Flag sub and Ball dropping sub.

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Product Specification:

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum strength and toughness from quenched and tempered alloy steel construction.
  • Displacement fluid and cement are diverted below or above the plug through an external manifold.
  • Manifold rated to 15,000 PSI working pressure
  • Cementing flag sub for visual indication of drill pipe wiper plug release is integral with the Plug Dropping mainfold.
  • Heavy duty swivel permits easy manipulation of the string without having to break down the cementing lines.

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