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48 Aundh Road, Flat No 302 Royal Residency, Pune, Maharashtra 411020 ,India

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We are manufacturers of speciality pipe cutting and bevelling blades for the cutting and preparation of tubes and pipework. So, whether your company operates within the oil and petrochemical industry, gas industry, water supply or brewing, we have products to meet your needs.


Some of our more frequently requested products include saw blades for...

  • Oil and water well pipe perforating circular saws
  • Pipe preparation circular saws
  • Speciality circular saws for special applications
Blades for...
  • Slitting Saws
  • Side Chip Clearance Saws
  • Cut Off Saws
We Also Offer...
  • Circular and Flat Knives
  • Diamond Impregnated Saw Blades
  • TCT Saw Blades
  • Solid Carbide Saw Blades
  • Bore Type Milling



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