Drilling Hoses

Rotary & Vibratory Hoses - Dunlop Hose - API7K Monogrammed

Rotary & Vibratory Hoses - Dunlop Hose - API7K Monogrammed


Suppliers of:
Parker API 16D BOP Hoses
Parker API 7K, 5k & 10k Cementing Hoses
Parker API 7K / 17J 10k Cementing / Acidizing Black Eagle Hoses
Dunlop, Argentina Monogrammed API 7K Rotary & Vibratory Hoses
Low Pressure Industrial Hoses for Cementing / Acidizing / Fracking / Diesel / Bentonite / Barite / Brine transfer
SS Flexible hoses for Cryogenic Applications
Sea Water Deluge Hoses to ISO 15440 standards

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Product Specification:

The Rotary Drilling and Rotary Vibrator hoses provide a flexible connection between the tube or feeding tower and the swivel hook, between the mud pump and the feeding tube, respectively; allowing it to conduct and inject at high pressure the lubrication mud of the bit, in perforation and exploration task 

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