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Fuel & Oil Hoses - Biofuel Hose Combined

Fuel & Oil Hoses - Biofuel Hose Combined


Biofuels Hose - EN 13765: Type 3
The transfer of Biofuels is increasingly important in the petrochemical
industry. Bioethanol presents few problems since most rubber and
thermoplastics have generally good chemical resistance.

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Product Specification:

Composite hose is particularly suitable for these applications because of its excellent chemical resistance and lightweight flexibility.
As well as nitrile polypropylene, polyvinyl, and tygon materials are also vulnerable to problems when conveying biodiesel. Brass,
Bronze, Copper, Lead, Tin, and Zinc may also accelerate the oxidation of diesel and biodiesel fuels, and create fuel insolubles (sediments) or gels and salts when reacted with some fuel components. All lead solders, zinc linings, copper pipes,
brass regulators, and copper fittings of any type should be avoided. Recommended equipment should be of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or Aluminium.


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