Black Bulls SYNORA Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

SYNORA Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

SYNORA Fully Synthetic Motor Oil


Black Bulls SYNORA Fully synthetic motor oil. our most advanced formulation fortified with most effective additives and blended using latest technology for most demanding modern high-performance engines.

Suitable for all gasoline, diesel, gas or duel fuel engines of passenger cars, light duty commercial vehicles, and off-road SUV’s requiring API SN with 5W-30 viscosity grade or as recommended by the OEM. It helps lower the maintenance cost by keeping your engine clean providing reduced engine wear and improving performance.

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Product Specification:


  • For modern gasoline, diesel, gas and duel fuel engines or as recommended by the OEM.
  • Serves best for high-end German, Japanese, Korean cars and buses wherever a lubricant of this grade recommended by the OEM.
  • Suitable for all engines requiring API SN Oils such as SN, series and 5W-30 viscosity.


  • Advantages
  • Fully Synthetic formulation.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Keeps your engine like factory clean.
  • Superior wear and corrosion protection.
  • Excellent fuel economy and energy efficiency.
  • Longer drain intervals and smooth running of engines.
  • Helps quick cold weather starting.

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