Black Bulls TIARA Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine oil

TIARA Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil

TIARA Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Black Bulls TIARA Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine oil (HDDEO) contains semi synthetic base stock formulated with the multiple advance additives technology. TIARA Semi synthetic diesel engine oil provides superior lubrication for both on- and off-road diesel engines with EGR or DPF and high speed four stroke diesel engine for commercial, personal or off-road application or as recommended by OEM.

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Product Specification:

Performance Specification

  • This product meets or exceeds the following specifications
  • API CI-4 and lower API, such as CH-4 and CF-4


  • Use for all diesel engines where API CI-4 or lower and above service grade recommended by the manufacturer. Serves best for diesel engines with EGR system and turbochargers.


  • Exhibits easier cold weather starting
  • Resists breakdown at high temperatures.
  • Resisting deposits caused by soot and acids
  • Withstands the stress of heat, wear and corrosion
  • Longer drain intervals and smooth running of engines.
  • Good compatibility with rubber to Protect rubber seals.
  • Increases fuel economy due to ultra-low vaporization loss.
  • Specially designed for Engine with EGR and turbochargers fitted.
  • Highly efficient in dispersancy and detergency keeps engine clean.
  • Reduces Kinetic energy loss out of friction wear by effectively dispersing ash and deposits.

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