Cylindrical Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks Manufacturers in UAE

Cylindrical Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks

Cylindrical Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks


Galvanized Steel Tanks Are Considered to Be the Most Economical Alternative When It Comes to Liquid Storage. They Can Have a Circular or Rectangular Section and Represent the Most Popular Solution When It Comes to the Storage of::

Fire Protection Water
Drinking Water
Irrigation Water
Industrial and Process Water
Demineralized Water
Waste Water
Oil & Gas Industry
Chemical Products
Leachate and Liquid Biomass for the Biogas Production

The storage tanks made by Highberg Solution are configured to be used in optimal parameters up to temperatures of -42oC for 6 days continuously

The storage tanks can have the following international certifications: FM Approved, NFPA, UKAS, WRAS, LPCB, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001

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Product Specification:

Galvanized Steel Sheets with Max. 600 Gr/M2 Zinc Covering, Joined Together by Screws (Bolts), with Reinforcements and Wind Bracings, Installed with Hydraulic Jacks. Thickness of Sheeting Between 2 and 20 Mm, Based on the Static and Dynamic Load Calculation.

Applied Inside the Storage Tank and Consists of Polystyrene and Polyurethane Panels, Minimum 50 Mm Thickness, Based on the Heat Transfer Calculations and Location for Installation of the Tanks.

Dome Type Roof, Conical Roof or Horizontal Roof Made from Sandwich Type Panels, Installed on a Structure of Beams and Frames, with Access and Ventilation System and Housing for the Valves.

Different Types of Membranes which are selected based on the type of stored liquid. The liner can be made from EPDM/Butyl rubber, PVC, XR5, HDPE, Hypalon, Polypropylene and other types, all with international approvals for each liquid type.

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