Rectangular Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks Manufacturers in UAE

Rectangular Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks

Rectangular Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks


Rectangular Tanks Are the Most Efficient Technical Solution in Order to Fully Dispose of the Space Designed for the Tank.

This Type of Tank Can Be Used in Different Industries (I.E. Fire Protection, Water Supply and Not Only).

The Dimensions of the Rectangular Tanks Will Be Made According to the Site Conditions (I.E. Snow, Wind and Seismic Load), and Also to the Site Which Is Put at Disposal by the Beneficiary Will Be Taken into Consideration.

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Product Specification:

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheeting, max. 600 g/m2 Zn, joined by screws (bolts) with perimetral support columns and H profiles

Sandwich Types Panels Installed on the outside of the storage tank, with a thickness of minimum 50 mm, based on the heat transfer calculations

Different Types of Membranes which are selected based on the type of stored liquid. The liner can be made from EPDM/Butyl rubber, PVC, XR5, HDPE, Hypalon, Polypropylene and other types, all with international approvals for each liquid type

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