Cylindrical Glass Lined Steel Storage Tanks Manufacturers in UAE

Cylindrical Glass Lined Steel Storage Tanks

Cylindrical Glass Lined Steel Storage Tanks


Glass Lined Steel Storage Tanks Can Be Used for the Storage of:

Process or Industrial Water
Waste Water
Hydrocarbons (Crude Oil, Fuels, Petroleum Sludge, Etc.) And Various Chemicals
Drinking Water
Liquid Manure for Biogas Installations

Glass Lined Steel Tanks’ Insulation Can Be Made External with Mineral Wool and Protected with Corrugated Sheet. In This Case, When Thermal Insulation Is Externally Made Then You Can Eliminate the Inner Liner. That Means the Stored Liquid Will Make Direct Contact with the Body of the Tank.

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Product Specification:

Glass Lined Steel Panels, with a thickness between 2 – 12 mm, based on the static and dynamic loads calculations for each tank, made from steel S235 – S420, electrostatically powder-coated. The powder is melted into the steel in special ovens at more than 800 degrees Celsius.

Dome Type Roof, Conical Roof or Horizontal Roof made from sandwich-type panels, installed on a structure of beams and frames, with access and ventilation system and housing for the valves.

Applied Outside the Storage Tank and consists of mineral wool blankets (minimum 100 mm thickness), protected mechanically and against the weather with corrugated or trapezoidal steel panels.

Special Sealing Mastics are placed between the glass-lined steel panels to ensure a permanent leak-proof connection. The mastics are selected for each project based on the chemical composition of the stored fluid.

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